Guard Industry Turnover

Posted by Michelle J. on 7/24/2017

Guard Industry Turnover

Employee turnover isn't limited to any one industry. It affects almost every industry and is a considerable issue among most businesses, including private security companies. And it's understandable - the national annual turnover rate of an average private security firm exceeds 100% and can even trend as high as 400% for smaller startup firms. This beats typical employee turnover rates of 15 percent. That's why it's important to understand the causes of employee turnover when it comes to your security guards, and the steps you can take to prevent it.

Is it Legal tracking employees through GPS?

Posted by Michelle J. on 5/22/2017

Is it Legal tracking employees through GPS?

The ability to track your employees may come with inherent legal risks. Here's what you need to know... It's vital to consider any legal consequences from invading your workers' right to privacy...

Security Guards and Non-Lethal Weapons

Posted by Michelle J. on 4/28/2017

Security Guards and Non-Lethal Weapons

Security guards are constantly in the line of danger when it comes to intruders or unruly individuals, and they're sometimes forced to take drastic measures when intruders become hostile. But using lethal weapons, such as firearms and knives, to defend themselves in these situations can actually leave both your company and security guards liable for injury if your security guards...

Do you know Deggy Control can send email reports automatically?

Posted by Eileen Ramos on 3/24/2017

Sending report's e-mail automatically

Once tour quality has been optimized, it is then time to pass the results on, sending tour reports to your clients. With the Deggy System you can have personalized reports memorized for each one of your clients and have tem automatically and systematically sent by email.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Private Security Companies

Posted by Michelle Johnson on 3/13/2017

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA) on Private Security Companies

Your customers are the bread and butter of your business… Whenever you engage in a transaction with them, you're essentially entering into a contract… But you also want to set the correct expectations for your customers as well, and a service level agreement, or SLA, is an effective way to get it done.

Don’t want to host or manage data?

Posted by Eileen Ramos on 2/10/2017

Deggy Cloud Pro Service

“Let the Deggy Pro Team handle your guard tour management needs”

With the Deggy Cloud Pro service, our Deggy Pro Team provides the registration of hardware, custom tour setup and report management.

  • No need to setup
  • Receive equipment ready to start using
  • Receive reports by email

Patrolling Your Software as Well as Your Buildings

Posted by Francisco K. on 2/9/2017

Patrolling Your Software as Well as Your Buildings

Ensuring your software is as well-guarded as your physical assets takes some effort. Every corner of your software has to be evaluated systematically. Just as your guard tour solution ensures every corner is regularly patrolled, the OWASP (the Open Web Application Security Project) Top 20 list gives you a patrol map for your software to protect against bots.

How to Improve the Security of Guards Working Alone

Posted by Michelle Johnson on 2/3/2017

How to Improve the Security of Guards Working Alone

Working alone can be defined as when you work by yourself or away from the usual work site and do not expect another worker to come visit you for a while, and you're not visible or cannot be seen by another worker… However, security guards that work alone are at risk…

Safety Tips: How to Prevent Security Breaches in Gated Communities and Condominiums

Posted by Michelle Johnson on 1/10/2017

How to Prevent Security Breaches in Gated Communities and Condominiums

While gated residential communities can offer more security than traditional subdivisions, it's a smart idea to take the necessary steps to prevent security breaches in the first place. Here are some safety tips to avoid security breaches, whether you're protecting your condominium units or gated communities…

FAA New Commercial-Drone Rules and Private Security Companies Part_107 2016

Posted by Michelle Johnson on 12/28/2016


Whether you refer to them as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, these devices are an important form of security to consider for the future of the security industry. Drones have been used commercially since 2014 and are estimated to provide over 100,000 new careers within the next 10 years in the United States. However, the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA's release of "Part 107-Small UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)" officially created the commercial drone industry as of 2016. These rules have streamlined and simplified the process for acquiring required authorizations for using drones in commercial environments, ...

Do you know the Deggy Steel Pen battery is expected to last 2 years?
See how to replace it by yourself!

Posted by on 11/9/2016

Deggy Guard Tour Solution - 7 Ways Security Officers Can Stay Awake on Duty

The Deggy® Steel Pen, the most rugged guard tour collector, uses a lithium 123A 3V battery, and you can easily change it.

See how to change the battery by yourself.

Surveillance Cameras in Condos and Gated Communities - Right of Privacy

Posted by Michelle Johnson on 10/27/2016

Surveillance Cameras in Condos and Gated Communities - Right of Privacy

The installation of security cameras in condominiums and gated communities has become commonplace. Research indicates that the growth rate of North American security camera installations is projected to nearly double by the end of 2016, from 33 million security cameras installed in 2012 to 62 million. Security cameras offer property managers and residents a sense of security, and they are frequently used to deter vandalism, violent crimes, and theft. They also keep track of everyone that enters or leaves the property.

While it's important for condo owners and residents to feel safe, it's also important to consider each individual's right to privacy. Here are a few factors you should know about the right of privacy when using surveillance cameras.

7 Ways Security Officers Can Stay Awake on Duty

Posted by Kathryn W. on 10/7/2016

Deggy Guard Tour Solution - 7 Ways Security Officers Can Stay Awake on Duty

Falling asleep on the job can be catastrophic for a security officer, both for the officer's company and career. But when an officer is scheduled for quiet overnight shifts, or if the job is a sedentary one, it's easy to drift to sleep. A few simple strategies help security officers stay awake all shift. Try them yourself or suggest them to the security officers you employ.

Cameras vs. Guards in Condominiums and Gated Communities

Posted by Michelle Johnson on 9/23/2016

Deggy Guard Tour Solution - Cameras vs. Guards in Condominiums and Gated Communities

The popularity of video surveillance cameras has increased in recent years. Some condominiums and gated communities even opt for video-only surveillance systems, but at what cost? Here's why you may not want to give up on your guard patrol just yet.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Security

Posted by Matthew D. on 6/28/2016

When it comes to providing security for your clients, employees and physical assets, you have two basic options. You could choose proprietary security, which means that you'll recruit and oversee your own security officers, or you could select contract security, letting an outside company provide your workplace with guards. This decision isn't always easy, as outsourcing offers distinct advantages and only a few drawbacks.

Should Your Patrol Guards Be Armed?

Posted by Sandra B. on 6/15/2016

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a property crime in the United States occurs every 3.5 seconds and a robbery every 1.4 minutes. With staggering crime rates like these, it's no wonder there are more than one million security guards working throughout the country. Many businesses hire patrol guards to protect their property and to deter crime, but these companies often struggle with the decision to hire armed security guards or not.

Measure the quality of your guard tour service

Posted by Eileen Ramos on 6/15/2016

Shopping centers, residential and commercial condos, universities, hospitals etc. often require security guards to patrol the areas by performing inspections to maintain security.

Security Guard Liability Insurance for Private Patrols

Posted by Betsy S. on 6/13/2016

Whether your security patrol company is a small startup or a substantial established business, liability insurance for your team will be front and center in your concerns. Here's a quick overview of key points to ensure that your business, your clients and your security team have the coverage they need.