Guard Tour Solution

Track guard tour patrols
in nearly any business environment.

Reliability of steel
The most advanced, reliable, and resistant guard tour recording system of its class. Made of stainless steel.
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The advanced
feature you want
Local and remote access to your guard tour data. Failed guard tour round notification emails. Data web viewer.
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The simplicity you need
Fast and easy DIY installation.
No keys to operate and predefined reports make the Deggy Guard Tour Solution very easy to use.
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Professional software
Manage an unlimited number of guard tour sites.
Network, local, and remote access capability.
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Standard solution
Simple and straightforward guard tour solution. Manage your guard tour data on site. Easily upgrade to online solution.
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Online guard tour solution
Monitor your guards from virtually anywhere. Wireless remote access.
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+30 years of security
Deggy has been designing and manufacturing security systems for more than 30 years. 20 years focusing on guard tour solutions.
Trusted by +5000 businesses
Sold more than 40,000 guard tour solutions, with more than 1,000,000 checkpoints, to approximately 5,000 security guard service companies worldwide.
3 years warranty
All Deggy Guard Tour Solution products are covered by a 3 year warranty.
Free product replacement and quick turnaround time.
Free technical support of the Deggy Guard Tour Solution in and out of warranty.

Direct from the manufacturer
Deggy designs, manufactures, and sells guard tour solutions. Buying direct from the manufacturer saves you money and it is a hassle-free process.
No hidden fees
All Deggy Guard Tour Solution product purchases come with a full warranty and support services. Deggy Guard Tour Software version always supplied with network and unlimited site and guard management capability. Free Deggy Guard Tour Software upgrades.

Guard Tour Solution

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