How it works

Standard solution

The Deggy standard tour solution is an easy way to manage an officer’s patrol. Simply screw or glue the Deggy Buttons at predetermined site checkpoints.

Instruct your security officer to touch the checkpoints with the Deggy Pen during his patrol. Using the event table, predefined possible incidents, such as an open door, a broken window, or a refrigerator that is not working, can also be logged.

The data can then be downloaded onto any computer with the Deggy Control Software. Tour reports can finally be printed or emailed.

Online solution

All you need to monitor your security officers from virtually anywhere. Now, with the Wireless Deggy Web, you have remote access to your tour data.

After each patrol the officer downloads the Pen onto the Deggy Web. The data is sent wirelessly thru the internet to be potentially processed wherever there is a computer with the Deggy Control Software.

Deggy Cloud solution

“Let the Deggy Pro Team handle your guard tour management needs”

Our Deggy Pro Team provides software and report management which includes the setup of software and hardware registration. Receive automatic email reports and failure notifications of tours and incidents.