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About Us

Over the last 30 years, Deggy has designed and manufactured all of its products and softwares building an astonishing product line.

Deggy is a recognized name and symbol of dependability in the security industry. Deggy uses innovative technology to accomplish its purpose of being the most reliable and durable guard tour provider on the market.

Deggy solutions have empowered an array of companies not just in the security industry but in various fields, increasing their customer satisfaction, employee accountability & safety.

Deggy’s drive to create solutions and achieve high customer satisfaction is what fuels it to continue to evolve and develop its products.

What sets us apart …

  • No other provider can stand up to Deggy's vision of what a top notch guard tour system provider entails:
  • Providing the industries best technical support free of charge
  • Providing an easy to use software with immense capabilities
  • Product 3yr. warranty
  • Excellent product quality & durability
  • Superb customer service
  • Professional, highly trained service team
  • Innovative products
  • The extensive knowledge & experience that has grown our company into what it is today

Deggy Guard Tour Seals

The world’s preferred guard tour provider