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Advanced features

The Deggy Guard Tour is perfect for any security service of any size and/or organization.

Security companies can easily install Deggy Buttons/checkpoints at their customers’ sites. When in demand of real time control, a Deggy Web is installed at the site. 

The Deggy Control Software is installed in a computer at the company office, working as a central station. Customers with the Deggy Web then have their tour data wirelessly transmitted to the central station. Customers without the Deggy Web can have their data downloaded on the Deggy DLS and taken to the central computer by the inspector.

Email notifications from the customers’ sites, as tour failure alerts or tour completions, can be sent to security company managers or to specific customers.

Customer tour data can be viewed online by authorized personnel.

Complete customer tour reports can be printed and/or emailed.

The system does not limit the number of clients or checkpoints.