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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Security

Posted by Matthew D. on 6/28/2016

When it comes to providing security for your clients, employees and physical assets, you have two basic options. You could choose proprietary security, which means that you'll recruit and oversee your own security officers, or you could select contract security, letting an outside company provide your workplace with guards. This decision isn't always easy, as outsourcing offers distinct advantages and only a few drawbacks.

Should Your Patrol Guards Be Armed?

Posted by Sandra B. on 6/15/2016

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a property crime in the United States occurs every 3.5 seconds and a robbery every 1.4 minutes. With staggering crime rates like these, it's no wonder there are more than one million security guards working throughout the country. Many businesses hire patrol guards to protect their property and to deter crime, but these companies often struggle with the decision to hire armed security guards or not.

Measure the quality of your guard tour service

Posted by Eileen Ramos & Delmo Tavares Sobrinho on 6/15/2016

Shopping centers, residential and commercial condos, universities, hospitals etc. often require security guards to patrol the areas by performing inspections to maintain security.

Security Guard Liability Insurance for Private Patrols

Posted by Betsy S. on 6/13/2016

Whether your security patrol company is a small startup or a substantial established business, liability insurance for your team will be front and center in your concerns. Here's a quick overview of key points to ensure that your business, your clients and your security team have the coverage they need.