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Tour management reports

  • Tour Quality

    View a color coded percentage of the security officers’ monthly performed rounds.

  • Tour Quality Graph

    View all your monthly site rounds performed in one graph.

  • Tour Map

    Displays a comprehensive look at failed tour dates in a monthly format.

  • Tour Exception

    A customer defined tour schedule that displays missing checkpoints as failed.

  • Smart Map

    View all your security operations anywhere and on any device, allowing you to immediately take any necessary action, providing the highest quality service to your clients.

Incidents reports

  • Incidents

    View daily incidents entered by the officer.

  • Incidents Graph

    View the percentage of incidents by tour displayed in a graph.

  • Total of Incidents by Tour

    Displays the monthly number of incidents in all your sites.

  • Incidents AI App

    View incidents with photos and notes.

Counterfeit detection Deggy Guard Tour - Deggy AI

  • Checkpoint Fraud Detection by Round

    The Deggy AI fraud detection system increases the Guard Tour process's reliability, indicating the clone checkpoint's possibility as good or better than a security expert. The report shows the checkpoints marked as fake along with their photos.