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Do you know Deggy Control can send email reports automatically?

Posted by Eileen Ramos on 3/24/2017

Management Software

The Deggy Control software is a powerful and comprehensive guard tour data management tool to optimize your guard tour. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is possible to produce a full set of reports that can be scheduled to automatically send by email. Users are also able to receive email notifications of any failures within a tour and manage tour alarms.

Sending Reports

Once tour quality has been optimized, it is then time to pass the results on, sending tour reports to your clients. With the Deggy System you can have personalized reports memorized for each one of your clients and have tem automatically and systematically sent by email.

Memorized Reports

Save time by creating and saving your own unique report criteria to meet your specific business needs. deggy guard tour memorized report

Scheduling automatic e-mails

Setup automatic emails of scheduled reports to be sent periodically at your preferred time.

deggy guard tour scheduling automatic emails

Deggy Guard Tour Solution