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Do you know the Deggy Steel Pen battery is expected to last 2 years?
See how to replace it by yourself!

Posted by on 11/9/2016

The Deggy® Steel Pen, the most rugged guard tour collector, uses a lithium 123A 3V battery, and you can easily change it.

The battery itself can be purchased in specialized battery or photo shops.

The battery is expected to last 2 years depending on use.

Drained Battery alert:

When the battery is drained, the Pen stops working, but it will not lose any recorded information. As soon as you insert the new battery, you can download the previously collected data.

IMPORTANT: Take the drained battery out only when you are going to replace it, and do not leave the Pen without any battery for more than 1 minute, in order to maintain the clock.

Follow the steps bellow for battery change:


Deggy Guard Tour Solution

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