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    Discuss Solutions with a Deggy Advisor

    Contacting a Deggy Advisor is unlike any other support experience. It is a tailored gift we provide your business to ensure that your specific needs are being met.

    Creating a partnership is our main focus as we provide you an overall assessment of your site’s needs.

    The Deggy Advisor has direct access to our development team, which makes it easier to convert needs into solutions. Integrating our Guard Tour knowledge with your site experience we will recommend a stand-alone, portable or wireless solution based on what works best for you, not what works best for our bottom-line. Partnering together will ensure function, practicality and satisfaction.

    Why Partner with Deggy?

    Deggy Promise

    The Deggy Promise ensures that the solution you purchase is fully supported for the lifetime of the product.

    To us, your purchase is an investment, we include a 3 year hardware warranty, out of warranty discounts, proactive product and operations assessments, no additional charges for support, out of warranty hardware support and continuous updates to stay current with market expectations. Your satisfaction is of upmost value, therefor we want to ensure your system maintains operational and can grow with you for years to come.

    Deggy Corporation has been in business for over 35 years; working and growing alongside security companies to provide the best service possible.

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