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    Deggy Guard Tour

    Resistance is a Must! Reliability of steel

    Since a guard system is used by security officers in tough jobs, it should resist both intentional and unintentional abuse. This has been the Deggy focus for more than 30 years.

    Deggy Steel Reader and Checkpoint Deggy Steel Reader and Checkpoint

    "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

    Deggy technology solves this problem using the Deggy Steel buttons, securely affixed in strategic locations at the customer site, as checkpoints.

    The Deggy Steel Checkpoints accentuate the quality of your patrol in a much better way than easily abused plastic or paper bardcodes or RFID tags.


    Deggy Smart Map

    New Deggy Smart Map

    The new Deggy Smart Map is a powerful and unique Deggy technology making guard patrol management easier than ever. View, at a glance, all your security operations anywhere and on any device, allowing you to immediately take any necessary action, providing the highest quality service to your clients.

    Complete Guard Tour Solution

    • Complete Guard Tour Solution
    • The Patrol needs of your clients are not the same.

      The new Deggy Guard Tour fullfills all these needs in the same system, yet in a simple and rugged way.

      In one same system, you can manage both online and offline clients.