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Deggy provides expandable guard tour which can grow along with your company to meet your needs in nearly any business environment. We deliver accountability for security companies, condominiums, hotels, schools, maintenance and a variety of different operations.

Standard Guard Tour


The Standard Guard Tour includes everything you need to control your guards/personnel locally.

The Deggy Buttons provide a simple yet versatile way of registering locations (checkpoints), employees and incidents within the easy to use Deggy Control software. The Deggy Pen is used to read each predefined Deggy Button (location, employee or incident) which logs time and date upon contact.

The Standard Guard Tour requires the Deggy Pen to be brought back to a local computer to be downloaded using the Deggy Download Station.

This option allows you to manage your own data locally and is recommended for companies that have a computer on site.

How it works:
  • Deggy Guard Tour Standard Solution

  • Deggy Guard Tour Standard Solution

  • Recommended product: DEGGY CONTROL KIT

    Wireless Guard Tour


    The Wireless Guard Tour provides everything you need to control your guards/personnel remotely. It does not require the Deggy Pens to leave the site in order to download the collected data.

    This portable solution allows personnel/supervisors to download Deggy Pens from (multiple) sites by transmitting the collected data using a SIM card within the Wireless downloader; WiFi is not required. The data downloaded is sent wirelessly thru the internet and hosted within our server.

    Data registration and reporting can be managed using the Deggy Control software off-site or by taking advantage of our free Cloud Pro Service.

    How it works:
  • Deggy Guard Tour Wireless Solution

  • Deggy Guard Tour Wireless Solution

  • The Wireless Guard Tour has two options for Software/Data Management:

    Manage my own software


    Once the data is downloaded from the "remote site" using the Wireless downloader you may then manage your own data allowing you to register hardware, tours, and reports at your discretion using the Deggy Control software installed by your company.

    Deggy Cloud Pro Service



    The Cloud Pro Service can be the answer for sites that require an automated system to reduce tour management time, the Deggy team will manage it for you.

    Selecting the Cloud Pro service instead of managing your own software provides a full service in which our Cloud Pro Team provides site/tour assessments, registration of hardware, and report management. Receive scheduled email reports and automatic failure notifications of tours and incidents. This assures that a Guard Tour specialist within the Cloud Pro Team is personally working to provide you the best reporting possible allowing your personnel to focus on other responsibilities.


    • No need to setup; the Cloud Pro Team does it for you.
    • Receive hardware labeled and ready to start using.
    • Online information viewing, view from your smartphone's internet browser.
    • Receive the types of reports you want, when you need them, with scheduled Automatic Email Reports.
    • Wireless option for sites without a computer.
    • Online Download Station option available for sites with a computer.
    • You and/or your clients can receive reports and access the data.
    • No need to host or manage data.

    See sample reports

    Read more about Cloud Pro Service

    Recommended product: WIRELESS SMART KIT