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Deggy Solutions & Services

Deggy Solutions serve small to large companies in various business environments, such as condominiums, hotels, schools, security companies, etc. to reflect the accountability of security as well as maintenance and safety personnel.

Our electronic patrol system consists of data readers, data downloaders and tour management software. The Data Readers are used to read the checkpoints that will be registered on your site. Whether you choose the rugged Deggy Steel Pen or the Deggy AI App for smartphones, both can work together to provide versatility between sites. The Data Downloaders are used with the Deggy Steel Pen to provide a stationary or online solution to fulfill your sites needs.

Tour Management is made easy with the Deggy Control software which can be managed in-house or via the Cloud Pro Service. The Cloud Pro service takes care of registration and reporting distribution for your business; included with online downloader or AI App activation.

Build The Right Solution For Your Business

Data Readers

Choose or Combine Data Reader Type

  • Smartphone - AI App
  • Deggy Steel Pen - Multiple Data Downloaders Available
  • Deggy Guard Tour Reader - Deggy AI App
  • Deggy AI App Reader

    Artificial Intelligence detects counterfeit Checkpoints.
    Simple Smartphone compatibility.
    Advanced incidents reporting.

How it works

Deggy Guard Tour - On-premises Solution
How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works
  • Deggy Guard Tour Reader Wand Steel Pen
  • Deggy Steel Pen Reader

    No sensitive plastic parts.
    No fragile LCD display or key to operate.
    Steel construction.

Data Downloaders

Download Deggy Steel Pen’s Data Stationary & Online Options.
No fragile LCD display or key to operate.

How it works

Deggy Guard Tour - On-premises Solution
How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works

Tour Management Software

Choose Software Installation Preference

  • SELF-MANAGE ON-PREMISES – Setup and manage software. Compatible Windows computer required.
  • PRO SERVICE – DEGGY TOUR MANAGEMENT – Deggy manages server based data and email based reporting. Includes registration and edit requests.
  • SELF-MANAGE CLOUD/VIRTUAL MACHINE – Setup and manage a cloud-based software on a virtual machine.

Self-Manage: On-Premises

Deggy Control Software is installed by your company on site. Manage your software on a compatible Windows computer, register hardware, customize and generate reports as needed or schedule them to be emailed automatically.

Deggy Control AI Cloud

Self-Manage: Cloud/Virtual Machine

Manage security guards' rounds efficiently with Deggy Control's cloud-based software, compatible with Windows and Mac.
Experience greater security and stability as the software runs on a remote server located in a secure data center.
Automatic updates and efficient support ensure that any configurations or solutions requested by customers are quickly addressed.
Lower equipment costs as the software does not run on your local computers.
Easily scale up for additional computational power to manage rounds in multiple sites and send emails to many different locations.

Pro Service

Pro Service

Selecting the Pro Service instead of managing your own software provides a full service in which our Pro Team provides site/tour assessments, registration of hardware, and report management. Receive scheduled email reports and automatic failure notifications of tours and incidents. The Pro Service assures that a Guard Tour Specialist within the Pro Team is personally working to provide you the best reporting possible; allowing personnel to focus on other responsibilities.

How it works

Deggy Guard Tour - Pro Service Solution
How it works How it works How it works