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Measure the quality of your guard tour service

Posted by Eileen Ramos & Delmo Tavares Sobrinho on 6/15/2016
Deggy Guard Tour Solution

Shopping centers, residential and commercial condos, universities, hospitals etc. often require security guards to patrol the areas by performing inspections to maintain security.

This service can either be provided by property security companies or by the security department itself, whether for internal or external customers.

In order to retain customers, they must be able to see the quality of service provided.

To guarantee this level of quality, it is necessary to monitor the guard tours and identify any problems that need to be resolved — only then can this level of quality be demonstrated to customers.

Deggy Electronic Guard Tour Solution

A guard tour system is a tool that involves guards using a handheld data collector to log the date and time when they arrive at each checkpoint on their tour. This data is then downloaded onto the management software.

Its role in improving the guard tour process can be explained by the following factors:

  • It creates a form of mental control for the guards. Knowing that their service is being monitored by a tool, guards do their utmost to perform tours without any failures.
  • It creates a standardized tour process by defining rules that must be observed throughout the working day.
  • It reports any failures during the tour, thereby enabling intervention and correction on the same day.
  • It generates a database for making decisions about tours and incidents.
  • Guards can be questioned about non-compliance with the tour rules (unvisited checkpoints).
  • The guard tour quality can be quantified using numerical indexes, making the level of quality easier to analyze.

Management Software

Deggy Control software is a powerful and comprehensive guard tour data management tool. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is possible to produce a full set of reports that can be scheduled to automatically send by email. Users are also able to receive email notifications of any failures within a tour and manage tour alarms.

“Let the Deggy Pro Team handle your guard tour management needs”

deggy cloud pro

The Deggy Cloud Pro solution is designed for users who don't want to have to worry about IT infrastructure or have people dedicated to managing it.

With the Deggy Cloud Pro service, our team provides software management, which includes report configuration and hardware registration.

The equipment supplied is ready-to-use — the only thing left to do is monitor the automatic email reports of the tours.

Creating Tour Rules

The first step in analyzing tour quality is to define a rule.

The tour quality index is calculated by comparing the performed tour with the defined rule.

deggy guard tour rules

Tour Quality Index

The tour rule defines the number of checkpoints that have to be visited within a single day. Comparing this value with the number of checkpoints that the guard has actually visited generates an index that defines the quality of the tour. Therefore, if the guard has visited half of the checkpoints, a quality index of 50% is produced.

Tour Quality Report (Global Overview)

For all registered routes, the system displays a clear, general overview of the quality index for tours performed within the month, color-coded into three levels (green = good; yellow = average; red = poor), thereby making it easier to identify any failures.

deggy guard tour quality report

Activity Map Report (Detailed Overview)

For a single route, the system displays a clear, general overview of the tours performed within the month, with the time at which each checkpoint was visited. Any checkpoints not visited appear with a blank space, making it easier to identify failed tours.

Routes with a low quality index can be easily identified using the Tour Quality Report, and then checked against the Activity Map Report to see exactly where the failures occurred within the respective tour.

deggy guard tour activity map report

Notification of tour failure

The previously presented reports show the result of a guard tour once it has been completed. However, the system also allows for the immediate intervation during the round itself, notifying whoever is in charge by email or on the computer screen at the exact monent in which a tour failure occur.

deggy guard tour notification of tour failure


Once tour quality has been optimized, it is then time to pass the results on, sending tour reports to your clients.

With the Deggy System you can have personalized reports memorized for each one of your clients and have tem automatically and systematically sent by email.

Memorized Reports

deggy guard tour memorized report

Scheduling automatic emails

deggy guard tour scheduling automatic emails