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Online solution

To receive email notifications with the time that an officer’s shift begins and ends, alarms of any failure within a tour, and information on incidents detected during the tour; to see the tour data online when it happens; to print all site tour reports without the necessity of going to the site are all benefits when you install the Deggy Web -- the Deggy tour online solution.

The Deggy Web is a small device installed at the site. After each patrol the officer downloads the pen onto the Deggy Web. The data is sent wirelessly thru the internet to be potentially processed wherever there is a computer with the Deggy Control Software.

Note that this online solution relies on the highly resistant stainless steel Pen as its data logger, where a minimum of 2 years of battery life is preserved. Another online solution that also uses a reader which transmits the tour data itself works with a smartphone. This, however, has it weaknesses and a very short battery life, which can be a serious drawback for officers in multiple site tour environments.

Furthermore, within the Deggy Solution, standard and online solutions are compatible, and it is easy to shift from one to another. This is a very important feature for security services with many clients, some using online solutions, others not.