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Risks of Security Guards

Posted by Michelle J. on 4/12/2018

Risks of Security Guards

The role of a security guard is important for protecting private property and the people who reside or work on the premises they guard. However, there are several risks that security guards often face that security managers should consider to avoid liability or injury. Here's a look at three of the most common.

Interference Risks

When different companies work together, there are inherent risks to security guards that may lead to accidents due to a lack of awareness of safety protocols that the client or security company may have. That's because if activities are not properly coordinated, or if there is a level of disorganisation, it can create confusion for the security guards regarding everyone's responsibilities and duties. Security companies that operate within the confines of their client's company have to deal with these interference risks. Thus, it's important to take preventative measures, such as exchanging risk insight, coordinating preventative measures and implementing health provisions.

Specific Risks Regarding Security Activities

Sometimes risks are specifically related to security activities. Here are some of the most common that security guard companies must face:

  • Work violence. This can include physical violence, such as being attacked. It can also include sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation with aid of a weapon. It's important to address these matters, as research indicates that exposure to bullying and workplace violence is linked to diabetes.

  • Dog-related risks. Poorly trained guard dogs can lead to behaviour that's unpredictable and aggressive. To prevent this, dogs should be properly trained.

  • Handling weapons. If your team handles weapons, it's important they are provided with quality weapons and proper training to avoid serious injuries or death.

  • Radiation Exposure. Hospitals, labs and other places that may have high exposure to radiation can seriously impact your security guard's health if they lack proper training.

  • Work organisation risk factors. From working alone to inflexible work schedules, work organisation risk factors can put security guards' health and safety at risk. Put safety measures into place, including using a guard patrol control such as the Deggy guard tour solution, so that your security guards can check in and be accounted for.

  • The physical workload. Poor posture, inadequate work areas and other physical workload risks can cause muscular pain, poor blood circulation and other health risks that your security guards should be aware of.

  • Risks from psychosocial workload. Stress from work, a lack of motivation or strained emotional or mental workloads can lead to tiredness and poor mental health.

  • Specific risks facing female security personnel. Female security guards who may be pregnant or breast-feeding require special measures to safeguard them from health hazards that can impact their child.

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Post Held-related Risks

Many of the risks associated with the post held are related to safety and the working environment. Some common safety concerns include falls, trips, fire hazards, road accidents, bumps and collisions. Moreover, physical hazards, such as insufficient lighting, noise and inappropriate levels of temperature, ventilation and humidity, can put your security guards' health and safety at risk. Biological hazards and chemical hazards, such as corrosive or toxic substances and parasites, allergies or poison, can also impact your guards' health. Thus, it's important to identify these risks and inspect the premises for potential hazards. Also, take preventative measures, such as vaccination and ensuring electrical wiring is safe, to reduce these risks.

Final Thoughts

By being aware of the various risks that impact your security guards, you can take the necessary steps to reduce them, so that your guards can work effectively and in a safer capacity.


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