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Strengthen your organization's security

Posted by Deggy on 4/19/2019

When speaking of security, one’s primary duty is to prevent bad things from happening, and yet, if needed, be prepared to defend your security posture in court.

Overall, you must protect whatever needs be protected, your security posture included. To do that, a written security plan is mandatory.

Risk Assessment

The first step is Risk Assessment. Without a thorough assessment, a security plan cannot be effectively developed and documented.

Determine all and any weak points, risks and threats to whatever needs be protected. A rigorous risk assessment must take into account that if an event occurs once, is it possible to occur again. This is called foreseeability, and it is a liability issue. If something bad happens twice, on the second round, it is the management’s fault. Courts will take that into account.

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Security Plan

A Security Plan should be devised in order to try to mitigate every listed risk on the Assessment. Look for the best plan within your budget.

A security plan may include security staffing, officers, cameras, lighting, access control and many other resources.

Resources to detain threats can be classified as:

  1. Human
  2. Technological
  3. Physical

Since humans can make subjective intelligent decisions, enact deterrence and denial strategies and can cover various duties, they are the most effective. They are, however, the most costly resource as well.

The best cost-effective relation is obtained by combining the three threats barriers, such as fences, doors, cameras, access control and any other security system with human resources.

Fixed post and regular patrols can be combined to provide the most secure environment within one's available budget.

Since patrol procedures optimize human resources, they are one of the most important security features.

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Patrol Procedures

Any area in one's organization can potentially present a problem and should be under the scrutiny of a security officer.

Such things as leaks, cracks, malfunctioning machines, assaults, vandalism and sabotage can appear or happen anywhere.

Keeping within one's budget, fixed post, modified fixed post and regular patrols should be defined and set out to cover all areas.

Patrolling, however, is complex for managers. They must organize and control schedules, take care of incidents, organize documentation and much more.

The success of the patrol, the security of an organization, depends on how it is managed. And it is precisely here that a Guard Tour System can prove to be a very important and powerful tool.

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Risk Assessment

Security Plan

Patrol Procedures

Guard Tour

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