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Why Security Summary Reports Are Essential to Customer Retention

Posted by Angie Santiago & Delmo Tavares Sobrinho on 11/21/2018

Why Security Summary Reports Are Essential to Customer Retention

Ask a service provider in any industry and you will know that ‘merely’ doing a job well will never be enough to please your clients. As ironic as this statement might sound, private security providers will be able to verify it better than anyone else.

As competition increases, most security companies make their clients see value in how low their bills are and since customers are more focused on costs than anything else, they fail to make the right call. This is why we feel making your customers see value in your performance is not only essential to keeping them happy but also for ensuring they stay onboard and refer your services to others.

The most important way to communicate your performance to your customers is by sending them regular Security Summary Reports (SSR).

An SSR should essentially provide a summarized account of the following information:

  • Daily record of procedures and preventive measures.
  • Instances of cautionary items such as: a broken/open door or window, malfunctions at the property or out-of-order lights, etc.
  • Number of undesirable incidents and the approach taken to deal with them.

A detailed Security Summary Report allows both parties, you as well as the client, insight into the performance and management of the security measures in place, while also enabling a discussion on the overall security system, with relation to facts and figures.

Tour Quality Report

For a more detailed example, take a look at the Security Summary Report generated by the Deggy Guard Tour Control System.

It is important to send regular Security Summary Reports to clients because…

  • It gives you the opportunity to show proof of the quality of your service.
  • Provides an overview of the service, making discussions with the client easier as areas of improvement can be identified effectively.
  • Shows dedication and commitment to the task on your part which translates into a positive image for your service, and eventually becomes the leading cause for referrals. It also makes your relationship with the client more reliable and trustworthy.

Security Summary Reports are not only an effective way of showing your clients the value they are getting from your service, but also help you assess your own approach in order for you to bring further improvements in your systems. They serve as a valuable tool for managing your teams, while also reminding your clients of the quality of service they are receiving.

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While reports generated on a daily basis are great for updating clients on the day-to-day administrative and security operations, detailed Security Summary Reports are different in the sense that they provide a macro or overall view of the system. A crunch of the statistics generated over a longer period of time helps you spell out the benefit your client is getting from the security system. For example, a consistent reduction in the number of mishaps at the property over a period of time proves that your team has been able to track down any lingering issues and dealt with them successfully.

For further detail on how Security Summary Reports are generated and their benefit to you and your clients, contact our team for a free demo.

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