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Deggy Control Software

The new Deggy Control software has been completely redesigned offering a whole new level of flexibility to maximize efficiency while maintaining its hallmark simplicity of use.

Our engineers and software designers work together creating innovative products and ideas geared towards your evolving needs. Our all-in- one Deggy Control Software supports all of our products, allows total access to features, reports, users, server application & network capabilities at no additional cost unlike our competitors.

  • Manage an unlimited number of sites with network access capability;
  • Training and support without any charge, ever;
  • No third party software developers;
  • Never any hidden fees or pricey software licenses;
  • Free software version upgrades.

Deggy Smart

Deggy Smart

Deggy Smart is a powerful and unique new Deggy technology that integrates the simplicity and ruggedness of the Deggy Pen Steel with the use of a Smartphone. Perfect for Supervisors and/or Security Officers with special duties.

  • Deggy Smart Map Technology
  • Advanced Incidents
  • Supervisor's Reporting
  • Officer's Reporting
  • GPS Geofence Confirmation
  • Time and Attendance
  • SOS

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Advanced tour reports and graphs

See your tour quality at a glance with our powerful new report summaries and get in depth information with our new detailed reports.

The Tour Quality Report will show you a color coded percentage of the security officers’ monthly performed rounds.

The Tour Map Report will display a comprehensive look at failed tour dates in a monthly format.

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Tour Overviews on the Home Page

The Dashboard on the Home Page displays an easy to understand snapshot of all your tour sites.

Instantly see site tours, incidents, security officer’s activity status and equipment inventory.

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Automatic scheduled report emails

Setup automatic emails of scheduled reports to be sent periodically at your preferred time.

Incident and graph reports

The Total of Incidents Report Map displays the monthly number of incidents in all your sites.

The Incidents Report will show all incidents entered by the officer during the tour.

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Memorized Reports

Save time by creating and saving your own unique report criteria to meet your specific business needs.

Deggy Cloud Pro service

“Let the Deggy Pro Team handle your guard tour management needs”

Our Deggy Pro Team provides software and report management which includes the setup of software and hardware registration.

Receive automatic email reports and failure notifications of tours and incidents.

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Quick Report

This unique Deggy Control Software feature creates a quick quality analysis of the tour.

The Quick Report Exception feature can easily pinpoint the inactivity between checkpoints of a completed download.

The Collection Summary feature gives you a quick and easy view of how many times a checkpoint was touched in a completed download.

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Multiple user access

Deggy Control Software can be installed onto your Windows computer network.

You will be able to download or see your tour data on network computers, and there are no additional fees for this feature.

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Email notification

You can receive emails when your security officer does not show up, or when he/she misses a checkpoint during a tour.

All you need is the Deggy Web Wireless Download Station and to set the alarm feature in your Deggy Control Software.

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Easy-to-use software

Easy software interface. Very simple setup.

More than 20 years of software improvements makes the Deggy Control Software one of the easiest to use in the market.

The same software manages tour data from the local, the internet, or the mobile downloader.

Automatic downloading

Unattended downloading: just insert the pen into the DLS, and the download is done.

Web feature

Now, with the Deggy Control Software, you can manage all tour data from a Deggy Web Wireless Download Station, from the internet, or from a mobile downloader using the same software.

The Deggy Web Wireless Download Station can be used with many clients and locations.

Tour data downloaded from the Deggy Web Wireless Download Station is transferred to the internet. With just a click on your Deggy Control Software, all information is made available on your computer.

Free lifetime technical support

Free download
Full version

Compatible with
Windows 7/8/10
Server 2008 R2/Server 2012
or above
(32-bit or 64-bit version)

Compatible with
32-bit version of Office

Incompatible with
64-bit version of Office

Only compatible with
Download Station USB