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Reliability of steel

The Deggy Steel Pen is the heart of the guard tour system. Since the Deggy Steel Pen is carried by the security officer during the tour and records and holds all tour data, resistance and simplicity are its two most important features.

The Deggy Steel Pen is extremely resistant. Its stainless steel construction, along with its internal airplane black box design, protects the electronic circuit.

No fragile LCD display or key to operate increases its resistance and makes it very easy to use.

Designed to resist intensive use and intentional abuse

The Deggy Pen is made of stainless steel - far more protective than plastic or aluminum.

No sensitive plastic parts
Security officers confirm when and where they are by touching the pen on a fixed Deggy Steel Button.

More resistant than other technologies: the Deggy touch technology mostly involves steel parts.

Other technologies, such as proximity sensors that use radio waves to read checkpoints, require that the head readers and checkpoints be made of plastic or other transparent materials to transfer waves.

Black box design

No displays, no keys. Really easy to use.
No fragile and complicated keys or displays.

The Deggy Pen is a lean steel piece with a rubber handle.

Security officers just need to touch the checkpoints to confirm their presence.

Security officers can keep their focus on the safety of the site, not on the tour solution itself.

Tamper detection

The Deggy Pen registers when it has been tampered.

This information is shown on the Deggy Control Software, along with tour date and time.

Extreme resistance

The Deggy Steel Technology has proven to be extremely resistant to many forms of either unintentional or intentional abuse, such as beating, hammering, etc. Due to the advanced construction of the Deggy products, when intentionally mistreated, they will inevitably carry the physical indicators of such actions. The Deggy Steel Pen, for example, may yet notify unauthorized removal of its bottom at time of download. *

Water proof

Deggy Buttons and Deggy Pens have proven to be extremely resistant to rain or immersion in water for extended periods of time. *

Microwave proof

The Deggy Pen can withstand being microwaved for a significant period of time. *

* The IK (Impact Protection), IP (enclosure Ingress Protection to foreign objects and water), and NEMA ratings of our main products are as follows:

Deggy Steel PenIK 10IP 67NEMA 6
Deggy ButtonIK 10IP 68NEMA 6
Deggy DownloadersIK 10IP 51NEMA 5